How do I request KAHS News to read an announcement?  – KAHS no longer produces the announcements. Announcements are now being produced by Coach Brown’s class. However, the same email still applies. Email your announcement to announceahs@gmail.com

How do I request KAHS to make a video for me? – If you would like the crew to produce a video for you, then please click on the link below to download the project request form. fill out this form and email it to kahsnews@gmail.com, with the subject heading “KAHS Project Request – Red Jackets” (ex.) You must use this Project Request Form. Do not bring it to Gil in person. We need to keep it in an electronic format.  We cannot promise that it will be produced. Students may accept the request if they are in need of a project, but if that is not the case, your request will go unfilled.

Be it known that we are not required to honor requests. Hence the word, “requests”. You would not expect Gil to dictate your curriculum or what your class does, do not expect Gil to let you dictate his. Gil does not assign requests. Students pick from the available pool of requests to earn participation points. So if you know a KAHS kid, then it would behoove you to butter them up and make it nice for them. Students tend to shy away from requests that come from teachers that do not watch the show. Just sayin’

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