#1  How come you stopped doing announcements and doing news packages on school happenings?

Principal Taylor offered to shift the announcements away from us to Coach Brown. We happily took her up on this offer to focus on narrative and documentary filmmaking. Coach Brown will produce the announcements with his digital media class. The class is not affiliated with KAHS News in any way. We will not distribute those announcements either. It is totally separate from us. The announcements are not a required TEK and we did it as a service to the school. Without the responsibility of  producing the announcements we can now grow in other areas. We are very excited about this change.

#2 Did the process for requesting announcements change? No. Coach Brown can access the same email address.

#2.1 How do I make a request to air an announcement?  click on this link

#3 Can I still request the KAHS students to make a video for me? Yes. While we no longer have to produce a news package every week, we still look for story ideas for individual projects and contests. click on this link

#4 How can I be on KAHS News?

In order to be on the KAHS staff you have to take the class called, “audio video production”, open to freshman and sophomores. If you can get an 85 or higher in this class for the year, you may apply to take Advanced AV Production by producing a 6 word story project. The best 40 projects move on.

At the end of the 2nd year, students undergo a series of skill tests and are then ranked at the end of the year. 25% of your ranking is based on the “cold read” where students must read off of a teleprompter without looking at the script beforehand. 25% is an “edit test” where students are asked to perform 5 editorial functions as quickly as possible. 25% Is a blind camera test, where students must perform some need to know skills as quickly as possible, while blindfolded. Like, replacing a battery, switching to servo zoom control, etc., nothing that you would need your eyes for. The final 25% is your grade for the year. So these four things are averaged together and the top 15 ranked students are invited to take AV Practicum 1, also know as JV KAHS.

Once you make it to JV KAHS, you produce work for the show. This work is chronicled and calculated in what is called a “dot score”. Learn details about that here

dot score.png


In order to apply to the varsity class, students must produce a personal project outside the confines of the class. It could be a psa, a branding film, a narrative, or doc, or music video. As long as it is approved by me. Your project and your dot score are used to rank you amongst your peers. The top 10 students are invited to the Varsity Class.

Once you are on Varsity, you must act like it. Or you will be nominated to be voted off the island, and at semester break, a JV member will take your place.


#5 What is the A\V Select team? A\V select is a 10 person team of talented Freshman and Sophomore students who have been selected to participate in an after school club where they learn advanced level skills and equipment. The team takes on projects and special requests outside the realm of what the Kahs News show produces. The team also assists the upper KAHS students on productions and helps to bridge the gap between KAHS juniors and seniors and the lower classmen that will eventually take their spots. The team enters video contests as a way to facilitate hands on learning that is both purposeful and fun.

#6 I heard you don’t have grades, is that true? There are grades, it’s just that grades are not based on quiz’s or tests. They are based on soft skills.

#7 How come your grades are weird? Grades get in the way of learning. This is an elective class where you learn filmmaking. Grades won’t help you learn filmmaking as you can only learn it by doing it. avp-grading-system

#8 Can you put my VHS video on DVD? no

#9 Can you make a copy of my DVD? no.

#10 I am trying to find a KAHS show from earlier this week. How can I find it? Full shows are archived here for really old shows, those are archived here. Our best bits are put on our youtube channel.

#11 Hi Gil, I am a teacher here at AHS and I assigned a project to my students where they have to make a film. When can I send my students to you to check out equipment?

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 8.31.04 PM

#12 I really need a student to edit our banquet video for our sports team. Its great experience and they would be supporting the school. Why do all of the students insist on trying to charge me?  (Liam Neeson voice) Because they have a very particular set of skills; skills that they have acquired over their entire high school career. Skills that make them a savior for people like you. If you pay them now, that’ll be the end of it. You will have your video, and it will be good. But if you don’t, you will wind up stressed, pulling your hair out the night before the banquet trying to learn how to put your video together,  as you kick yourself for not just paying the students a couple hundred bucks.

#13 Gil, why do you let the students call you by your first name? I like to be called by my first name. Its weird when people call me Garcia. I feel like I’m in PE class, or prison.

#14 But Gil, isn’t that disrespectful? I don’t need someone to call me Mr. Garcia to feel like I am being respected.

#15 Gil, What do your tattoos mean? The one on the left arm represents Cuauhtemoc and the one on the right arm represents Quetzalcoatl

#16 Gil, Where are you from? Midland

#17 Gil, What I mean is…where are you from from? My dad is from Venezuela and my mother is from Pakistan. Ok, not really. I just get asked that a lot. so I makeup a different answer every time. My exotic features can’t be explained in a simple FAQ.

#18 Gil, whats that gray patch on the back of your head? I have a skin disorder called vitiligo

#19 Gil, why are you so good at ping pong? When I worked at GSD&M, an advertising agency, all the cool people played ping pong. I was lucky in that my boss was cool. He made me play ping pong with him for hours every day, to uhmm, facilitate creative inspiration.  It was here that I honed my ping pong skills and learned about conflict resolution and conversation skills that are crucial in a workplace environment. You could say that I was a professional ping pong player for three years. Every Ad shop and production company has a ping pong table. That is why I have a ping pong table in my class. To get the students ready for the workplace.

#20 Gil, about your band USER ERROR. How do I buy your album or find you on facebook? here is our facebook.  and here is where you can pickup our latest work (WARNING: parental discretion is advised)

#21 Can I come play ping pong in your room if I am not in the class? No, except on Fridays during lunch.