1. Audio Video Production

how mics hear sound in pickup-patterns

the different types of microphones

how to operate the boom-mic



TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY 4TH&5TH – Lesson on camera-moves-part-1

THURSDAY AND FRIDAY SEP 22&23 – We did a lesson on camera-shots and did  a shots-activity

FRIDAY AND MONDAY SEP 16&19 – We did a composition scavenger hunt.3-composition-activity-copy

WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY SEP 14 & 15 – We did a lesson on composition-part-2

THURSDAY AND FRIDAY SEP 8 & 9 – We went to the rowing center and did a composition-activity on rule of thirds.

TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY SEP 6 &7 –  We did a lesson on tripods and a lesson on


THURSDAY AND FRIDAY SEP1,2 – We watched some video tutorials on how to operate the camera and then I gave students a quick tour of the equipment closet. Video Lessons below

Tour of the camera https://vimeo.com/79731156

How to use manual controls https://vimeo.com/79735867

Using an external SD card https://vimeo.com/79728593

TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY AUG 30,31 –  We did our first lesson on Story Telling. Story is king in this class. We started off with a Ted Talk from Andrew Stanton. Then I gave a lecture entitled “Cool Story Bro

FRIDAY AND MONDAY AUG 26, 29. We finished the movie and finished the interviews

WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY AUG 24,25 – Today we started watching INCEPTION. while kids watched the movie, i pulled out students individually to go over the student profile sheets.

MONDAY AND TUESDAY AUG 22,23  – Hello and Welcome to another great year! On the first day of school I went over the handouts below. please fill out the student profile before the next day of class.

Please fill out this AVP student profile sheet and have it ready for when we start class next time.

AVP grading system


1. av sylibus


  1. I am a media technology teacher in Houston ISD. This site is a huge resource for my audio/video production class. I love how you showed a movie in the beginning and use that to reinforce and introduce new vocabulary, lessons and activities for your students.

  2. I’m also a big fan. I’m a Video Production teacher at Glenelg Country School. Thank you very much for your good work!

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