THURSDAY AND FRIDAY SEP 8 & 9 – We did a lesson-on-lens

TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY SEP 6 &7 –  We went over the menu settings on the camera

THURSDAY AND FRIDAY SEP 1&2 – I taught students where equipment goes and how to put it away. I also gave students a lesson on how to care for the batteries.

TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY AUG 30,31 –  We will be going over the camera and I will be demonstrating all of the functions. You’re final exam will be over the camera. Below I am including the lesson as well as the final, so that you can practice on your own if you wish leading up to test time.

Panasonic HMC 150 camera lesson


hmc final

FRIDAY AND MONDAY AUG 26, 29. Today I took two students at a time into the equipment closet and showed them how to put away cameras in the lockers. I also explained the battery system for the cameras.

WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY AUG 24,25 – Today we did the marshmallow challenge.  A team building activity to get to know each other and to stress the importance of teamwork in the class.

MONDAY AND TUESDAY AUG 22,23 – Hello and welcome to the 2nd year! here is the syllabus. Today I went over changes to the program and also showed the short film “La Jettee”

2. Advanced AV production syllabus

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