Course Sequence

A\V  PRODUCTION – Open to 9th-10th, no pre-req. course# 8262HT0C.Y       Honors/Weighted Credit 

This class provides an introduction to the art and craft of video production. Students will collaborate with others to learn the basics of shooting and editing video. Student filmmakers get hands on experience with the Panasonic TMC900 camera, and learn how to edit with Adobe Premiere Pro on Apple computers. This is a year long production course that covers writing, camera, sound, editorial,  color and distribution, This class is mandatory if you want to be on KAHS News. You need to make an 85 or above for the year to qualify to apply for the next class, (Advanced A\V Production). In this class you will also have the opportunity to try out for 6 open spots on the A\V Select Team. There are 3 sections of this class with about 30 students in each section. This class is articulated with ACC and qualifies for college credit RTVB1305

ADV A\V PRODUCTION – 10th-11th, MUST have passed AVP w/ 85+ and apply. course# 8269HT1C.Y       Honors/Weighted Credit 

In this year long course, students take a deeper look into the technical aspects filmmaking, sound recording and documentary filmmaking. They learn a new camera,  the Panasonic HMC 150. The first semester is spent learning  documentary and advanced editing technique. The second semester is spent learning advanced narrative production and how to shoot as a crew. There are two sections of this class with about 20 students in each section. After auditions, the top 15 students are invited to join the next class (JV KAHS). You will also have the opportunity to try out for 4 open spots on the A\V  Select Team. This class is articulated statewide with technical schools and qualifies for college credit as a digital art course.

A\V PRACTICUM 1 (JV KAHS) – Open to 11th-12th, MUST rank top 15 course# 8271HC0C.Y            Honors/Weighted Credit 

This class is made up of 15 students and is stacked with the Varsity KAHS class. In this class you will produce KAHS on alternating Fridays alongside the Varsity team. You will also learn After Effects and produce videos for UIL competition. The top 10 students from the JV class move on to varsity. 

A\V  PRACTICUM 2 (Varsity KAHS) – Open to 12th. Must rank top 10 course#8276.HC0C.Y                   Honors/Weighted Credit 

Students will collaborate with others to create their own video shorts and will be responsible for producing the Friday episode of KAHS NEWS alternating with the JV team. You will have the opportunity to attend the Austin Film Festival, and many other trips throughout the year. Students in this class also produce work for various contests including UIL. 

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