KAHS NEWS Students WIN GOLD at the Business Professionals of America Regional Leadership Conference

bpa - 1

Jonathan Cardiel, Emily Potter, Khunal Parkash and Alex Treviño (not pictured)

This is the first year that Austin High is participating in BPA. We entered the “video production team” contest and had to produce a video related to underage drinking and present it at the competition. We won’t show you the video just yet as it will be used in an advisory later in the year. The win at regional qualifies the team for the state competition in Corpus Christi later in March. The difference between the BPA contest and traditional film and video contests is that we are judged on our presentation of the video as well as the video itself. Students have to setup their projector and sound as well as articulate their creative thinking behind that topic and how they executed their production. Jonathan Cardiel, Emily Potter, Khunal Parkash and Alex Treviño are the students that make up the senior team.

Business Professionals of America is a national organization for middle school, high school, and college students preparing for careers in business and office occupations. The organization’s activities and programs complement classroom instruction by giving students practical experience through application of the skills learned at school. Business Professionals of America acts as a cohesive agent in the nationwide networking of education and business and industry, and is contributing to the preparation of a world-class workforce through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills.

Below is a news package produced by Ian Smith about the win.

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